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The ones seeking this will understand and for those who have stumbled across it, you may or may not.

The world is full of people with the best intentions, ultimately wanting peace within themselves and to connect with others. Somewhere along the journey we can get swept up into a pattern of needing attention and craving approval from people that will never even know us.

Because of the current volume of people in this cycle, it can have its rewards and you can even earn a living through it. This cycle can also look appealing from an external perspective, hence why there is so much volume and continual growth.

What happens when this influx becomes so big and obviously unhealthy?

There needs to be another avenue that will attract those within this space and also the ones avoiding it. An avenue that looks the same but is far from it.

Mastery – Brendon Osborne

I have fond memories from my childhood. Interestingly more by myself than with others. It could be kicking a football or shooting a basketball in my parent’s backyard. Always more likely to be practicing the one skill over and over rather than just randomly playing.

This would occur for hours on end and without the need for appraisal, just myself and my need to excel in that particular thing.

Why is this important?

Because what this is, is getting to know you, it involves creativity and solutions to challenges using body and mind.

It is not hitting the first hurdle and just ‘Googling it’. It is not feeling bad about yourself and sharing a picture for a quick pick me up that never lasts.

For the extreme minority that this resonates with, I want to invite you to discover yourself. At first through health but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It is common to hear a psychologist or journalist talking about their latest findings on depression or the impact that social media is having on our youth. Although their mission is sound, it can be a really hard message to receive from the people that will need it most.

Let’s say this segment is seen by an 18 year old male, self obsessed with unconscious patterns to gain social status through physicality and appearance. Despite being destructive, this new found attention is refreshing to him when compared to the uncertainty and solitude of his earlier teenage years.

From here his initial needs around his improvement, unknowingly, become a dependency. But the desire to look good and gain constant attention also comes with scalable insecurity which can surface in many ways and could be as simple as not wanting to go to the gym without wearing the latest training singlet.

How will this young man respond to a 40 something male that appears to have never tried to improve physically or deviated from the need to fit in?

For changes to be made there needs to be a level of admiration.

The aim is to reach an individual before a lot of the insecurities and false paths are too ingrained. Of course they aren’t locked in permanently but further down the track these are harder to change.

Not only that but what happens when someone spends their years from 16-30 totally lost and then suddenly finds himself with a wife and a child and again falling into another life pattern? Not that this a negative but it’s important to discover who you are on the deepest levels before life partners and paths are forged.

Before the internet, social media and the fitness industry boom, the dedicated health focused individual was typically on a journey of self discovery, a social recluse and one that required extensive reflection and the need for improvement, physically and mentally.

Face to face mentoring was the most common source of information and inspiration.
Passed through the filter of intuition and experience it was harder to fake and usually only shared through the need to help.

This journey was seen as ‘odd’ lifestyle which meant that people in this pursuit typically had a true passion to be better.

The mission of De Novo Performance is to create methods which spike creativity, increase drive and deliver higher self-esteem. The foundation of this is health and well-being, nothing new but something that has genuinely been lost.

The method of health is self selected through experience and natural attraction whether it be through crossfit, physique competitions or overall strength training, it doesn’t matter.

De Novo aims to support this by proactive and preventative mental health strategies through quality content and workshops, with the short term goal of reducing actions that are developed through the need for acceptance and reassurance from false support networks.

We want individuals to have the ability to reflect healthily on their own emotions and become aware of external factors that are currently causing more mental anguish and unhappiness.

Prevention is only the beginning, reducing the chance of low-self-esteem, body image issues and suicide needs to be addressed. Without this additional support it can be very easy to shift back into old destructive patterns which is where the majority of people are. We believe that it’s not about surviving this life it’s recognising all the wonderful things that are available to you in this world and enjoying them.

This isn’t a woo woo path, it’s a path of hard work, discipline, reflection and personal growth. The body is just the beginning let’s master it first and then discover the world.